Powerflushing & Heating System Cleaning

Why Power flush central heating?

A household central heating system can be given a clean bill of health by fully cleaning and flushing out the entire system. The best way to do this is by using a Powerflush machine which clears out all the muck, sludge, rust, and grime from the pipes and radiators.

Boiler Installation Hastings can use a powerflushing machine to provide this professional service for you which should see a drastic improvement in your heating system efficiencies. Combining a central heating system clean with a brand new boiler installation could prove to be a great investment with savings made on both heating bills as well as future maintenance and repair costs.

What are the benefits of power flush cleaning your central heating system?

There are potentially massive efficiency and performance improvements that you could experience in your home from a heating system flush. There will likely be reduced maintenance and service costs that come from keeping a clean heating system, which would have a large financial impact by reducing ongoing and future repair requirements. Added to this, a more efficient boiler and heating system pipework should drastically reduce your heating bills by keeping you warm as before but at a far reduced cost.

A thorough clean from a professional powerflush machine can provide extended system life, allowing for continued excellent service, including giving added protection to your boiler too.

Is powerflush central heating system cleaning worth it?

This is a question that needs to be advised upon on a case-by-case basis, but it is clear that power flushing radiators can provide a substantial improvement in a central heating system performance. However, it is also important to note that in Hastings, in particular, there is a lot of old pipework in buildings and old homes which means that in some cases, the power flush work will need to be thought through in more detail.

Can power flushing cause leaks?

Because of the high levels of pressure of the water being pumped around the system, there can be issues in joints and weak pipework areas which were likely already deteriorating slightly. In actual fact, the power flush work could make these weak areas more apparent so that they can be fixed before greater problems occur, therefore avoiding larger emergency repairs.

Power flush with a magnetic system filter

However, this doesn't mean that a heating system cannot be rejuvenated and given a clean bill of health. There are other systems such as a Magnacleanse unit which can be attached near to the boiler and can filter out sludge and small pieces of debris. This device is mainly for the purpose of providing protection to the boiler itself but can also help to clear the central heating system over time in a less pressured way.

Boiler Installation Hastings have you covered

Our highly experienced power flushing engineers are on hand to offer advice for the best steps forward in order to take into account the specific central heating system in your home. We would be sure to only offer such a service if we felt it could be beneficial and would make certain to point out any potential pitfalls or areas where there may be issues before carrying out any of the power flush pump work.  We'd be only too happy to provide you with a free, no obligation quote to powerflush your central heating system.

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