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Boiler Installation Hastings take pride in delivering an unsurpassed level of service and quality. We are central heating specialists, providing new boiler installations, boiler servicing and boiler maintenance services in Hastings and the surrounding Sussex areas, bringing warmth and comfort to your home.

Gas Safety Heating Specialists

Our fully comprehensive free boiler installation home visits will allow our gas safe qualified heating engineer partners to give you the ultimate peace of mind and confidence when entrusting us to look after your central heating system.

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To ensure complete gas safety compliance, we work with partners who are gas safe registered boiler fitters and who can handle all of our heating services. This way we can provide the warmth and safety that our customers have come to trust and expect within their homes when they need it.

There are many different energy efficient boiler brands and heating technologies that our highly experienced professional boiler installation team will be able to advise you on, taking into account your specific household heating requirements. From gas-powered combi boilers to closed-vent boilers, professional advice in choosing the right boiler type for your home is paramount to ensure you're able to reduce energy bills and optimise heating efficiency.

Our Services

We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service to meet your specific needs, making sure we do this in a timeframe that works for you. Focusing on providing trusted and experienced advice and quality yet value for money boiler service and installation.

We take Cleanliness, tidiness, and tardiness very seriously when working in our customer's homes, making sure to protect and cover any surfaces, equipment, and furnishings in the nearby vicinity of where we will be working.

New Boiler Installation

We have access to a range of top-quality boiler brands which will be recommended based on your individual circumstances and requirements. There are many factors to take into account from which our highly experienced boiler installation experts can guide you.

Boiler Servicing

Regular yearly boiler services, an absolute must for any household and especially for landlords for whom it is a legal requirement. Boiler Installation Hastings make sure that your boiler is running at optimal efficiency, providing heat and warmth to your Hastings home no matter what.

Emergency Boiler Repairs

We understand that sometimes things don't run to plan and therefore our boiler fitters in Hastings are on hand whenever you may need us.
Let us fix your boiler breakdown and get your boiler back up and running and efficiently heating your home in no time at all.

Heating System Cleaning

Cleaning your home central heating system could hugely improve the heating efficiency, environmental impact, and could most certainly reduce your heating bills. Over time, boilers and pipework can experience slight system blockages which, when cleared, vastly improve efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

Making sure your home central heating system is running at optimal energy efficiency is crucial, both for environmental and financial impact. Our heating engineer partners will advise you on the most energy-efficient boiler type for your household central heating system.

Gas Safe

As active, certified Gas Safe Registered engineers, our partners are qualified and insured for any gas related work. With many years of experience and expertise under their belts, our customers can rest assured that they are receiving top quality workmanship with care and attention throughout.

Areas We Cover

We're able to provide these services throughout Hastings and including, but not limited to the surrounding East Sussex areas of:





St Leonards








Quality, Trust & Satisfaction Guaranteed

Only the best will do - every job is given absolute care and the utmost attention to detail. We pride ourselves in putting our customers' needs first and making sure that we install a system that provides you with the best home heating for your needs.

Central Heating and Boiler Types

The most common household central heating fuel type in the UK is gas and therefore, provided that a home is connected to the National gas grid, an energy-efficient condensing gas boiler is generally the most popular choice of boiler. There are several different condensing gas boiler technologies, with the three main ones being system, heat-only, and combination boilers. A combination or combi boiler is generally considered to be the most common type of central heating boiler system in the UK because of its ability to provide on-demand hot water, It's compact size, and energy efficiency. However, to maximise both heating and economical efficiency, it is important that the right boiler system is chosen for your particular situation and home heating requirements.

1. Combi Boilers

Combi boilers are generally well suited for small family homes with fewer people due to their ability to provide on-demand heating. The benefits are also realised by a smaller household due to the space-saving nature of a combi boiler installation because of its lack of need for an expansion tank, normally housed in the loft. The boiler unit itself is normally more compact and therefore neater and, with a growing number of loft conversions in modern homes, this can prove to be hugely space-saving and beneficial in smaller houses. Because a combi boiler is an all-in-one system, without the external parts of the other boiler systems, it will often allow for easier and quicker efficient boiler installation in your Hastings home. However, because of the hot water on-demand characteristic of modern combi boilers, they only really allow for the use of hot water in one location in your house at a time.

2. Heat-only or open vented boilers

When hot water is in demand, usually in larger households, an open vented boiler, sometimes known as a conventional boiler, can often be the right choice for your central heating system. A water tank and other external components are required and therefore the system can take up more room than a combi boiler, however hot water can be used at the same time in multiple locations of your house. As the heated water is distributed from the storage tank to where it is needed around the house, once that hot water has been used up there is a delay in providing more warm water until that tank has been refilled by the system. This process leads to a slightly less efficient home heating system than that of a combi boiler because of the heat loss from the hot water tank.

3. System or closed vented boilers

A system boiler often referred to as a closed vented boiler, can be thought of as a middle ground between the two other boiler types. The cons of choosing a closed vented boiler are similar to those of a heat-only boiler, in that once the hot water from the hot water cylinder has been used system needs to refill this before any further hot water can be distributed to the taps around the house. They generally cost a little more to install than a combi boiler and are also less efficient. However, in a larger household, they can prove to be the right boiler to heat your home as they can provide hot water to multiple taps at the same time. There is also the added space-saving benefit over a heat only boiler due to not needing an additional cold water tank.

Although the majority of households in and around Hastings are connected to the National gas network, choosing a gas-powered boiler may not be the best option for your household. For example in some more isolated locations where the gas network isn't available, an oil boiler or a biomass boiler may provide a better heating system for your home.

4. Oil Boilers

Oil boiler installation requires a different professional qualification for the boiler fitter but for some more remote areas where mains gas is not connected to the house, an oil boiler could be the only viable option for your home heating system. They generally work in the same way as a conventional gas boiler accept that oil, instead of gas, is burnt as the fuel. All this can lead to more expensive heating bills and also the requirement of an oil tank housed within the boundary of the property somewhere. Oil needs to be delivered manually to these tanks and therefore this can be a more challenging and intensive process, especially when adverse weather conditions come into play.

5. Biomass Boilers

An energy efficient home heating system and arguably the most environmentally friendly one. Biomass boilers can often provide a huge yearly cost saving for your heating bills but initial installation can prove to be very expensive. However, there are (currently) government grants available to offset these installation costs, with the aim of improving environmental impact from home boiler systems over time. Biomass boilers are often a good alternative for homes that are not connected to the National gas network as they require sustainable wood pellets to be used as the fuel and therefore no gas mains connection is required.

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Boiler Installation Finance

Our boiler installation partners can provide a number of new boiler finance options via their registered finance partners to help spread the cost of your new energy efficient boiler. If this is something you might be interested in, please let us know in your initial quote form enquiry.

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We aim to respond to all enquiries and quote requests within a minimal time period, often well within 24 hours. We understand that your time is valuable and we make every effort to find the best possible time and day to suit you. Communication is maintained with you at every step of the way to keep you informed of your boiler installation appointment. Upon submission of the quote request form on this website, you will receive an email confirmation with the information that you have provided. We will endeavour to respond to you in the quickest possible time to ensure that we can provide boiler services when you need them most.

What can you expect from Boiler Installation Hastings?    

We understand and that oftentimes work carried out in a home can be disruptive and messy. We minimise these effects by making sure that we tidy up comprehensively and keep your home as you would expect it to be. On completion of your new boiler installation, you will be provided with all warranty documents and guarantees along with the option to take out a comprehensive boiler servicing plan. Your new energy-efficient boiler will be registered with the gas Safe Register, giving you peace of mind and safety assurance.

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